3 Easy Steps to Find the Correct Till Roll

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Needa Office Supplies

,on 13 February 2020

Rather than be just a nuisance in their pocket, customer till receipts are very important pieces of paper and are a great form of proof of the existence of a very important contract between you, the retailer, and your customer.

It is illegal not to offer your customer a receipt for a transaction that has taken place. A till receipt can be used subsequently to prove that the actual transaction took place or can assist in the retention of a good customer relationship when a purchase requires to be returned to you for credit or replacement. Indeed, some retailers have trained their staff to make a feature of presenting customers their receipt with a sincere thank you. 


So, having the correct paper roll permanently in stock is vital to the operation of your business. 

Here is a simple system to make sure you always have the correct till rolls in stock and this is how it works, it is as simple as 1,2,3:

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