Coffee Machine Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Machine

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,on 15 November 2017

There are so many options when it comes to coffee machines that it’s going to take some time to consider which machine is right for you. In the past, all coffee machines were essentially the same in that they performed the same function and the only difference in the outcome was what type of coffee you tossed in them before hitting the “on” switch.

Fortunately for you, we’ve put together this coffee machine buying guide to help you know how to choose the right coffee machine so you can narrow down your options and get to brewing an amazing cup of coffee sooner.

Types of Machines

The first thing we’re going to cover is the types of machines that are on the market today. We’ll cover exactly what type(s) of coffee you can make in them to help you decide if it’s the right type for you.

Drip Coffee Machines

These are by far the most popular type of coffee machine and have been around for a long time, although modern ones have certainly improved their designs. With this type of machine, you measure ground coffee into a filter that goes into a compartment. Then, you add cold water above that, and the machine heats the water, drips it slowly over the ground coffee, and then collects it below in a pot.

With drip coffee machines, you can use any type of ground coffee.

Capsule Coffee Machines

Not to be confused with coffee pods, capsule coffee machines allow you to add water to a reservoir, then place a single-cup pre-packaged coffee capsule into the machine. The machine then forces hot water through the capsule and into your waiting cup below. Although these are easier to clean than drip coffee machines, you are limited to making one cup of coffee at a time.

With capsule coffee machines, you are limited to using coffee capsules that fit your particular machine.


The most popular type of coffee maker before the introduction of the drip coffee machine, percolators are still preferred by some coffee enthusiasts. With this type, you place the ground coffee in a compartment at the top of the machine while the water goes directly beneath it. As the water boils, it goes up through a tube, over the coffee, and then back into the water reservoir.

With percolators, you may use any type of coarsely-ground coffee.

Espresso Maker

Espresso requires using water that is heated to a certain temperature and forced through coffee grounds at a certain pressure. To make espresso, you need to place finely-ground coffee or coffee pods into a special tool, then hit a button that allows the machine to properly heat the water and deliver it at the right pressure, forcing it rapidly through the coffee to give you an espresso shot.

With an espresso maker, you can use any type of finely-ground coffee.

How to Decide Which Coffee Machine is Right for You

If one of these types of coffee machines jumped out at you and the others simply didn’t, then your choice is easy. However, if you’re still not sure, there are a few more things that you should consider before picking a coffee machine, whether it’s for your home or the office. Fortunately, with so many coffee machines out there, there’s sure to be one that’s just right for you.

Here are some questions you need to ask before buying a coffee machine:

- How many people will be using the machine?

- How much coffee will I need to make at one time?

- How much am I willing to spend on a coffee machine?

- Do I want regular coffee, espressos, or both?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’re well on your way to getting the right coffee machine for you.

Several Different Types of Coffee Machine

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